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0 Published: June 24,2016
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Based on the assessment results, we’ll create targeted and customized seminars that teach employees how to address their productivity issues. Our seminars apply your specific business scenarios, not generic lessons, and incorporate hands-on exercises to help attendees absorb the information. While each client’s needs are different, examples of seminars are:

  • Inbox control and email etiquette
  • Meeting efficiency and group dynamics
  • Task management and prioritization practices
  • Workflow and process design

Since we want to make sure changes stick, we’ll follow up with your team for three to six months after the seminars. We’ll address their questions and concerns and help them solidify their new habits.


"I hired Vicky because my business was quickly growing, and I was having a hard time managing all my tasks and responsibilities. My physical space was cluttered with notes and reminders, and my digital space was getting harder and harder to navigate. Over the course of 6 sessions, Vicky helped me develop systems and processes that streamlined my workflow. I now know exactly what I need to do each day in order to meet goals and deadlines, which has alleviated a lot of anxiety and allows me to work smarter. I’ve been able to confidently take on more projects, dedicate my time to the most important tasks, and say no to things that don’t serve me or my business well. On top of it all, Vicky is easy to work with, fun, and very professional. Working with Grid Productive has been the best business investment I’ve made this year!"

Sierra Korthof, Designer and Owner of Sierra Lauren Korthof Design

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