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Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work
½ Day or Full Day training



The Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work training course includes extremely simple, powerful and practical tips to help people improve in the areas that cause chaos and disorganization in an office environment.

The content would be customized to your group’s needs, but participants would learn:

1.    The cost of disorganization

2.    The power of focus (and why multitasking doesn’t work as well as we think it does)

3.    Five strategies to manage email efficiently

4.    Effective task management

5.    Prioritization techniques

6.    How to fight procrastination and perfectionism to get more done

7.    Effective delegation (optional)

8.    Effective meeting management (optional)

The system is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to maintain.

So What?

The type of training and consulting we offer is typically attractive to companies that value their employees and are interested in helping them save time, increase efficiency, improve customer service, reduce turnover, decrease stress and ultimately increase the bottom line.

Equipping employees with systems and habits that allow them to get more done in less time, focus on priorities and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks is so important in today’s business world. If you’re curious to see what disorganization and wasted time might be costing your branch, check out our Cost of Disorganization calculator.* It can help to explain the return on investment our training and consulting provides.

*Please note that no information is recorded or collected by Simply Placed when you use the calculator… it is for your information only.

Now What?

Don’t just tell people to get more organized, provide them with a simple and highly effective system that shows them exactly how to do it. We can help determine the best way to offer this valuable training program, so your employees can enjoy the benefits of a highly organized work environment.

Schedule an Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work training session today. It’s that simple!



Anyone in business today has more "things" to be done than can be squeezed into a day with all of the phone calls, emails, instant messages, associate interruptions, etc. Debbie helped our entire sales and support team learn how to handle more tasks in a single day, just by organizing the things that need to be done and following the system. 

Debbie's teaching style is informative, engaging and entertaining. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get more accomplished in the same or fewer hours.


Robert ReynoldsCEO, Net Solutions North America



  • Debbie and her team have been a great asset to our family. They have helped create a more peaceful home through their process of organizing and identifying what can be eliminated. 

    Thank you Debbie!


    Rob Owenhttps://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-owen/a/6b0/365

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