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0 Published: July 4,2016
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Individual workshops

Individual on-site workshops provide a flexible ad-hoc approach to solving pressing business problems or unlocking team creativity.



What should your workshop aim to achieve? Do you want to build creativity and cohesion in your team? Do you have a tricky problem to solve or a hunger for more and better ideas? Who should be in your workshop and when should it be?



Review our extensive collection of learning modules, tools and techniques – there are over 60 in all. Tell us your aims and objectives and we’ll work closely with you to build a workshop that suits you best.



After a phone call to run through your aims & objectives, James, Tony, Colette, Steve or Claire will design and run your bespoke workshop. We’re all experienced facilitators who enjoy working with diverse teams to achieve tangible results.

Let’s dig a bit deeper…

Who are they for?

Our individual workshops are usually for teams of up to 12 looking for a highly creative, energising, motivating and productive event.

What are they for?

Some teams use our workshops for building creativity and cohesion. Others have a tricky problem to solve, or simply a hunger for more and better ideas. Our array of creative thinking techniques and prompts will push you into new ways of doing things to create innovative solutions to your business problems.

Where can they be held?

If you have a suitable space within your offices, that’s great. Ideally, this would be a room with natural light, plenty of space to swing a cat, not too many tables, flipcharts and a projector / large TV screen. Alternatively we can suggest some great creative spaces.

What do you bring along?

We’ll bring along all the necessary materials, including post-it notes, good quality pens, notepads, worksheets, sweets, toys, rubber ducks…

Some example workshops we’ve run recently:

Take a look at a sample workshop

Some of the tools & techniques we use





Sinking Ship


Beginner's Mind


Browse our collection of tools and techniques

We use these tools and techniques when running individual idea generation or problem solving workshops for clients. They’re great for coming up with insights and ideas quickly, and also for evaluating, communicating and planning too.


Easy High Impact


Empathy Mapping




Quick Prototype


Role Playing


Future Thinking


Thinking Aloud


Dot Voting








Zooming Out


Creative Play




Mind Mapping


Draw It!


Story Spine


Speed Dating


What Do We Know?


Question the Brief


Get Out!




Pitch It!






Learning Needs


Discomfort Zone


Write the Brief


End in Mind


Hopes & Dreams


News Headlines




Sinking Ship




Beginner’s Mind


Affinity Mapping



The best way to help people be creative is to teach them the methods of creative thinking. It’s not enough to just tell people you want them to be more creative. After all, if you want someone to learn French, you don’t just tell them you want them to speak French, and that’s that. You’d send them to language classes.

Sir Ken Robinson

When we set out to build our leadership programme at HarperCollins we wanted to involve only the very best external suppliers, and when it comes to creativity and innovation that means Creative Huddle. They engaged with and worked alongside our creative director to build a highly engaging bespoke session that filled our leaders with ideas and inspiration. I’d highly recommend Creative Huddle – they’re easy to work with, know their stuff and are passionate about what they do.

John Athanasiou

Director of People, HarperCollins Publishers

Creative Huddle took the time to really understand our business and what we were looking to achieve. The year-long programme they developed for our team is exciting, interesting and really engaging.

David Knowles

Managing Director, ThinkBDA


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