Essential Sales Skills

0 Published: July 4,2016
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This is an intensive, one day programme designed to give you the essential skills to convert more enquiries into profit by utilising an effective and proven sales process. Many companies and individuals have increased their turnover and their profits by applying the systems learned during this day.  Anyone who has a sales function to fulfil, whether that is in business to business sales or business to consumer would find this course helpful to them.  Also experienced and inexperienced sales staff alike can benefit from this course, bringing new skills as well as revitalising old ones.

Goal Setting

  • Current sales performance
  • Desired sales performance
  • Impact of increased sales success
  • Development of sales goals and motivation
  • Understanding the link between sales success, sales process and measurement

The Sales Process

Fully understand the sales process and how your customers will benefit from structured advice and instruction.

  • Meet and Greet – First Impressions. Building rapport and relationship
  • Qualification and Needs Analysis – Understanding your customer
  • Presentation – Present your product to create an agreement
  • Trial Close – Does your customer understand?
  • Negotiation – Getting the right price for everyone
  • Close – Creating the environment in which the customer can say ‘yes’
  • Overcoming Objections – The ‘LAP’ technique

 Learning Points

  • Setting sales goals 
  • Understanding process 
  • Measurements and controls 
  • Key sales techniques
  • Rejecting the fear of selling
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