Professional Sales Negotiation Techniques

0 Published: June 29,2016
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To master the art of selling, one has first to learn to stop selling! Contradicting, isn’t it?

In this competitive business environment, many salespersons are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their products or services without having to fight hard to get that sale. Inevitably, price cutting sets in and bottom lines are affected. Through this workshop, attendees will learn the techniques as well as how to apply tested and proven methods to help them succeed.


Introduction to Sales

  • Definition of “Sales”, the “paper clip” theory and what makes the salesperson “special”.

Principles of Effective Selling

  • The 3 main principles of effective selling.

Fundamental Selling Skills

  • The 5 main fundamental selling skills.

Basic Use of Questioning

  • “High Gain” questions; its characteristics and benefits.

Handling Objections

  • The 4 common types of objections and the 5 steps in handling them.

Opening and Concluding Sales Calls

  • The right approach to opening and concluding a sales call.

Features and Benefits

  • Difference between a feature and a benefit, and how to discuss “benefits”.

Delivering Effective Sales Presentations

  • The 10 steps of delivering an effective sales presentation.


  • Guidelines on closing.

Handling Delays

  • How to handle delays and the importance of “following-up”.

Who Should Attend

This session is beneficial to all salespersons in retail or direct sales, sales supervisors, managers, or those who wish to refresh or sharpen their selling skills. It will also be particularly useful to those who wish to learn new skills in the art of selling.

Trainer's Profile

Gregory Chua

Gregory is a very dynamic and entertaining trainer/speaker. With more than 20 years in direct sales, he brings with him a wealth of experience in the field of personal selling - from telephone prospecting techniques to face-to-face selling skills that garner results.

Gaining his experience from marketing office security and medical equipment, Gregory spent 13 years in a local leading business and credit information service provider.

As a Senior Account Manager, he was tasked with marketing the group's services ranging from business/credit information to debt recovery and account receivables management. Besides holding the highest sales record in the company & being responsible for growing the customer portfolio, he also provided regular training sessions to the sales team on the professional & finer art of selling as well as debt recovery techniques to collection officers in the group of companies.

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