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A live simulation of the world renowned fish market. How do you buy and sell fish across teams? Compete in teams of 5 in this fun and enjoyable program where your teamwork, communication and leadership skills become useful as you buy low and sell as high as you possibly can! 


The one and only such program offered in Singapore guaranteed to change your experience of team building. It is suitable across all age groups too! So hurry to book a slot to have a once-in-a-career experience with our fun loving tea!


Learning Outcomes: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Conflict management, Resource allocation, Negotiation

"It is a creative buying-selling game to build teams, really fun and interesting"


"It needs the whole team to work together- win or lose. Other teams did help to come up with a winning strategy"


“Fish Market is Fun & interactive and encouraged communication between team members!”


“Very engaging & personable trainer, I enjoyed the game! Learning & teambuilding through the journey.”


Price : $120
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