Family Bonding (FAMB)

0 Published: February 10,2016
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Every parent would want to find out what their child is learning. Here, we make it better where parents and child learn together!


The objective is to impart innovative and entrepreneurial skills to their children and for the parents to partake in the learning of their children so as to further enhance the bonding between parent and child.


Benefits include:

1) Your child will see you in a different perspective

2) Learn how best your child learns

3) Helps your child to pick up skillsets for life

4) Have fun with your child through games

5) Create common topics of conversations

6) Develop a close relationship with your child

7) Keep a memory of a life time

“It was both a meaningful and enjoyable session for me and my children. We were
able to learn new things together and I now have a better understanding on how to
cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in my children in daily life.”

-Mdm Agnes
Tan (parent, attended YEA FAMB program with her two children, aged 13 & 15)

“The session was very enlightening and inspiring for us parents. We realize the need to encourage children to observe more of their surroundings and to give them more
time and freedom to do what they want, in order not to inhibit their creativity. The trainer also taught us useful techniques to build the innovation and entrepreneurship
spirit in our child, which my husband and I are eager to try out.”

-Mdm Neo, (parent who attended YEA FAMB program with her husband and son, aged 14)

“The session had many engaging activities and plenty of interaction. The mood was relaxed and pleasant. I learnt a lot from the trainer and the exchange of ideas among the parents. Looking forward to finding out more about other programmes from YEA.”
-Mdm Eunice Sim (parent wjo attended YEA FAMB program

with daughter aged 12) 

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