Dividends Workshop

0 Published: February 10,2016
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Everyone agrees that it is important to start young on financial literacy. And helping students understand financial instruments can be sometimes a hard part. Here at YEA, we provide the financial training in a simple yet fun form where students can get to apply the skills that they learn!


Dividends is a popular, award winning board game that teaches financial literacy in stocks and shares. This exciting stock market simulation will have students pitting their skills against one another as they master the laws of supply and demand, capitalizing on profits and dividends to leverage the stock market.

"I enjoyed playing dividends. It taught me how to spend money wisely and to plan before i spend." - Ng Yu Shui, Student, Kong Hwa School


"I am able to learn more about stocks, dividends money in a fun and enjoyable way!" - Koh Ming Guang, Student, Commonwealth Secondary


"I gain valuable insight about the importance of planning early and getting the right timing for decision making. I will definitely play a different strategy the next time round." - Jean Wong, Creative designer


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