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Want Fun and Music at the same time? Try out our BoomWhackers program where using the world reowned Boom Whackers, we put together a symphony of music! And  the best thing is we don't need any instrumental skills in this! It's all about the teamwork!


Perfect for big events, dinner & dance and team building retreats to add a dash of fun and music! Participants can showcase their composes and songs to everyone there! So hurry and book or contact us for a slot with our fun loving team now!


Learning Outcomes: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Conflict Management, Trust, Respect

"It is an interesting and whole new experience! Great job!" Didn't know we could produce such great songs with boomwhackers!"


"Very innovative ways of incorporating music to foster team spirit! Keep up the great work!"


"Trainers are very entertaining, make the session fun."


"The trainers brought much laughter and are very experienced." 


"Excellent. Keep up the good work!"


“Trainers are very entertaining, make the session fun.


“The trainers brought much laughter and are very experienced.” “Excellent. Keep up the good work!”


“Fun, friendly and able to get the group active”


“Ken was good in identifying choke points and stepping in at the right time to intervene, but also knows when to sit back and observe”


“Able to engage the team and encourage interaction”



Price : $120
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