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Group Size:  10-200pax

Program Choice:  Competitive Battle of The Bands and/or COLLABORATIVE ONE BAND! 

Goal: Play 2-4 songs together as a Corporate Band

Duration: Vary from 1 hr Energiser to 2 - 4 hours Program

Corporate Benefits: Leadership Agility / Team Chemistry / Change Management 

Learning Points: Clarity / Competence / Concentation / Consistency / Common Sense / Chemistry / Creativity / Commitment / Courage / Confidence 

Favourite Clients:  Schools, Corporate Companies, Government Agencies, MNCs, Families, Non-Profit Organizations 

Program Flow:  Welcome / Orientation / Warmup / Practice / Tea-Break / Practice / Photo-taking / Video-Taking / Debrief  

Musical Instruments:  Microphones, Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Ukeleles 

Songs:  Recommended songlist or client selection 

Pre-Requisite:  No prior musical experience needed for this team-building activity 

Charges:  Include Rental of venue, Musical equipmentFacilitator & Instructor fees, Video recording

Dance: New Optional Dance Facilitation for large groups 60pax and above 

I would like to say thank you to Daniel and the whole Team Music Team.They have provided us with a unique team building experience, where each of our team member could actively participate and give a critical contribution to the band.Daniel and his staff were friendly, approachable, and immediately transferred basic musical skills to all of us. Within few hours we could play 2 songs!They have created a fun environment where all team members felt at ease. They encouraged us all the time, and got the best of us.I do recommend Team Music for an energizing experience where your team can learn how to operate better together while having lots of fun. Thanks!



“Estee Lauder Cosmetics did a teambuilding event on 21 June organized by Team Music. The event was an absolute blast. Everyone had nothing but high praises for it. Program was soundly thought out and engagement levels were very high. We walked away with a deep appreciation of how important each member is to the overall picture. Thank you Team Music for the great event and your professionalism in making it such a wonderful afternoon for all of us!”

Jonathan Foo, Senior Business Manager of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Pte Ltd


Thank you Daniel & team for a wonderful team-building activity. The team was so pumped that we created our own rock band in less than 2 hours. What really differentiates Team Music is the spirit of collaboration and “oneness” that we took away unlike other team building activities which are more competitive.

I highly recommend Team Music! 

SaiAparajitha Gopalakrishnan, Procter & Gamble




Dear Daniel,

Thank you for the great bonding session led by you and your facilitators yesterday. Music truly brings everyone together, we all had a fantastic time. It was a first for many of us to be playing an instrument, dancing to a choreography and singing in a band.  Many proclaimed it the best bonding event they have ever had! It was both thumbs up from all of us at AWWA School.

Susan Tan, Admin Manager of AWWA School


Thanks to Daniel and his team for giving us a truly unique experience.  It takes everyone out of our comfort zone.  No one thought it is possible for a musically illiterate group to perform like a band but we did it in such a short time, and we did it like a pro!  Behind the high energy, fun and laughter is a serious message around teaming.  What better way can we experience oneness than to play like a band?  This will be an experience that we will remember for a long time to come.

 Roy Chan   Senior Manager, Talent Development & Management, Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd


"It was a great team experience and the facilitator did a wonderful job facilitating our session. We learned to get comfortable with things we were unfamiliar with and working together with our designated partners. A learning experience unlike others."

Sean Lau, from Office of Advancement, Singapore University of Technology & Design


 "This was one of the best events I have ever attended. I did not know what to expect and even have reservations whether the programme could bring more than 150 people together. However, my fears were unfounded, and my division really enjoyed themselves. It was remarkable that the participants could come together to perform a musical despite having limited experiences and time. Your team deserve praise for their efforts to deliver such a fun-filled activity, and it is heartening to see my staff taking part so enthusiastically under your guidance. Kudos to your group for this amazing team building concept which brought my division together. This is an activity that is definitely worth recommending!“

Mr. Chan Hian Lim, Director of the Sensors Division, DSO National Laboratories


“This is a truly out of the box team building exercise for the team, who would have known that we all have a hidden musical talent in us! Your team has been really patient with us, we are such a big group to handle and yet you’ve managed to give us such a fun and enriching experience. Well done, team! Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon.”

 Serena Yong, Managing Director of HP PPS Singapore (Sales) Pte. Ltd.

Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We were initially slightly intimidated by the instruments since most of us were not inclined musically, but this proved to be unnecessary worries as everyone was rocking the place down by the end of the session. Great concept for a team-building activity and definitely highly recommended!

- Jonathan Ong, Yahoo! 


Team Music simplified the songs and made it easy for us; who mostly had no prior experience in playing musical instruments. The activity also showed us how music can be created in a band setting through teamwork and similarly in the context of an organization, it is just as important for individuals to perform as a team. It was a very enjoyable and therapeutic time for us and definitely a good alternative for teambuilding activities.

- Gideon, Civil Service College


For a team that has done numerous team building events, TEAM MUSIC exceeded our expectations and conducted an extremely engaging and enjoyable session for all of us at Sennheiser Asia. The facilitators were highly professional and played an integral role in making this activity possible even for the music amateurs. Highly recommended!

Ada Yen, Sennheiser Asia



We enjoyed extremely, the event being planned for us on last Friday. Your guys are patience yet professional. It went beyond our expectations and everyone had so much fun and laugher. Thank you for everything !!!

 Amanda Foo | Senior Executive [HR – Learning & Development] | M1 Limited



Daniel and the Team Music group hosted a Team Building session for a group of colleagues for a global project that met here in Singapore in July. The brief provided was not just to host a 'standard' session- but to ensure that we incorporated within the session, and in a compressed time frame, elements of our APAC culture that would resonate and educate our global colleagues, as well as our Company Behaviors. Daniel approached this challenge whole heartedly and the end result was one that ticked all the boxes in terms of outcomes! I would certainly consider Team Music again if I was asked to consider having an external partner to host a Team Building session- and would certainly strongly recommend them to any one looking for a partner in this area.

- Mark Leong, UBS 


"Your guys are truly awesome to work with and you definitely make our spirit come to life! We had so much laughters and everyone was so keen to try out different instruments. It was truly successful teambuilding for bringing folks together. I got great feedbacks from the leaders that they want to bring their own team to do it again. It makes me understand how each team member plays an important role in an organisation in regardless of what position he holds."

 - Mag Ng, Gartner Advisory (S) Pte Ltd



It was awesome, something that we least expected that without any musical background, we still are able to make a music band. Definitely require a great team effort to make it happen. Everyone was so immersed in the music and have enjoyed the whole event tremendously. For once, I have thought that I was in a band group and put my heart into playing the instrument that I have been assigned to. This event has made me realised that as long as everyone makes an effort and heart to do it, we are able to do it as a team. In short, everyone is important in the team to make it happen.

- Sue Cheng, SP PowerGrid Ltd



It was a one-of-a-kind team building that we had unlike any other that we have been to. Our initial reservations of not knowing how to play musical instruments faded away with your very lively and engaging instructors Joash and David. They taught us in simple steps, and at the end of the day we harmonized and came up with some pretty good music! We had lots of fun together! The activity made us aware that even though we have different roles, like the different musical instruments, we can produce great results when we synchronize together as a team.

Frederick Oplado, Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd




It was the perfect teambuilding event… reinforcing critical personal and team values for success and FUN!

Lori Schneider, Sabic FANAR & Team Lead


Everyone really enjoyed being a “musician”.  This was one of the best team building event we’ve had. Cheers.

Lin Lin Tan, Sabic


A wonderful experience and an excellent team building activity, like no other. You made it so easy even without prior experience with musical instruments. Loved by everyone… I received great feedback from leaders and team. By the end of the night, everyone understood the importance of team effort for success but most importantly they enjoyed themselves. 80 people to create music and learn 2 songs in 2 hours was no mean feat! Congratulations to Team Music on a job well done.

Faudziah Omar, Sabic


It was definitely the most interesting and fun team-building activity I've ever had! We had so much fun taking turns to play the various instruments and our facilitator made it so easy for us even though many of us did not have any musical background. Besides the fun and enriching experience, we were also pleasantly surprised that we could actually play the songs as a band. Moreover, we actually sounded quite good! This was certainly something that we did not expect when we first came in. Thank you for helping us to bond together as a team, and showing us that we can do the extraordinary if we work together!

Wee Kheon, MINDEF


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Team Music for the spectacular and fun infused session. It was a one-of-a-kind team building that promotes important team values. We had so much fun and laughter. Daniel and his team have demonstrated their passion and professionalism throughout the event. Thanks again for the fabulous experience! Thank you! 

Teo Ai Suen 
Executive Assistant, Commercial Team
Singapore Post


“Engaging, invigorating and downright fun. Highly recommended if you are looking to put some grooves into your team dynamics.”

Marcus Lim, Citibank


This was simply a FUN way of engaging one another and the spirit of team work to make it work was great! We had so much fun and it is truly a miracle that with everyone's contribution a unseemingly impossible task was completed and we were able to play instruments and formed a band! You guys are awesome :)

Charmaine Tan-Widjaja
Assistant Manager - Customer Service


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