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3D Printing! Why print 2d if you can print 3d? No experience needed and its easy for you to doodle and print! Check out our latest and coolest team building program where you can create rapid prototypes using materials provided. Can be used for visioning/innovation and core values alignment!


Unleash your creativity, create something and showcase your creations! This is a great time to bond over your creations and what's more, everyone gets to bring their creations home! So hurry book or contact us for a slot with our fun loving team!


Learning Outcomes: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Resource allocation, Negotiation, Goal setting

"3D Pens are a fun activity and it was a fun learning journey for us!"


"I got to make my ideas come alive and better present it to my team-mates"


“Well-coordinated and creative, trainers are energetic”


“Good training for teambuilding and therapeutic!”


"It is a good time for us to bond over something which we will not do day to day! Great job keep it up!"

Price : $120
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