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Singapore Economic Development Board – Profiling & Visioning workshop – 25pax (Nov. 2013)

Understanding each individual’s profile and how we are as a team was good. The profiles will help in forming teams with synergies. Individuals can more consciously build skills despite not having preferences. The group activities that teamed up individuals with similar and different profiles was helpful to see how it is expressed in real-life situations.

Goh Wan Yee, Director - Human Capital Division, Singapore Economic Development Board

For a team to be highly effective and performing, you need to have diverse profiles. As a leader, one needs to be able to utilize the strengths of everyone effectively.  I loved the Emergenetics Profiling session which was well-paced and the games were well-planned and chosen meaningfully.

Emily Pe, Assistant Head of Education and Work Force Development
Human Capital Division, Singapore Economic Development Board 

The accuracy and aha moments during the profile analyses was the best experience.Many thanks to trainer Dianna for making it fun – I feel refreshed after the workshop!

Lim Choon Leng, Head of Workforce Augmentation - Human Capital Division, Singapore Economic Development Board

Learning about my colleague’s profiles and knowing how to better work with each other for success was incredible. The session was thought out, planned and ran well and Dianna Lane was authentically enthusiastic, offering valuable pointers and insights.

Li Wei Yi, Assistant Head of Talent Programmes and Capability Development
Human Capital Division, Singapore Economic Development Board


The best part is I learnt more about my team. I liked the mix of fun games and interaction with the profiling revealing our personality and thinking preferences.

The trainer is spirited and engaging and has a great personality.

Seck Yee Kwang, Head of Sectoral Manpower Strategies
Human Capital Division, Singapore Economic Development Board

Red Cross Youth – Visionning and alignement workshop – 20pax (June 2012)

Fruitful experience where simple concepts were used to illustrate how things can/should work as a team and how the team can move forward. This session was different from the norm where art [painting] comes into play to portrait the thoughts we had, nice!


Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) – Island Survivor, Singapore – 35pax (March 2012)

Thank you for being great facilitators and organizing this retreat extremely well for us. We really needed this kind of break from work, it was refreshing and very creative! Hope we can collaborate again in the future.

Raihanah, participant

The games that we played had strengthened the bonds that we had with our colleagues from our sister agencies and it had also broadened my views on how we see our clients.


Pepper & Fuchs – Peak Performance, Singapore – 300pax (June 2011)

The energy and enthusiasm really flowed well, facilitators were great.

Glen, participant


SJI Elementary School – 3D2N Pulai Desaru, Malaysia – 66pax (Sept. 2011)

We would like to acknowledge the professional OIA team, who were relentlessly energetic and organized.

Kelli, participant

ExxonMobil – The Mission @ Sembawang Park, Singapore – 40pax (Sept. 2011)

Creative activities that bring the message of teambuilding and quality together.

Chua Sin Chong, participant

Barclays Capital Services – Missing Masterpiece, Singapore – 25pax (Sept. 2011)

Thoroughly enjoyed myself – learning in a fun way! Looking forward to the next event.

Marjorie Bunnaway, participant

Fun way in learning how to make teams work effectively.

Carmel Keane, participant


Central Provident Fund Board – Peak Performance & Boom Boom Groove – 62pax (May 2011)

The activities enable us to trust one another and complete the challenges successfully.

Hoo Boon Hue, participant


Coca-Cola – 2 days teambuilding, Singapore – 28pax (Sept. 2011)

Energetic facilitator with good humour and able to lighten the mood of all participants!

Yvon Lim, participant


British International School (Vietnam) – 6D5N Taman Negara – 106pax (Feb 2011)

This trip was one of the best I’ve even had. WE went to a very nice place and the activities we did were good and very helpful.

The staff was so friendly and organized, thank you!

John, student

I feel I have really learned from this experience, made new friends and drawn closer to old ones.

Jamie, student


APL – Peak Performance, Singapore – 30pax (Jan. 2011)

Exercises were good and enlightening, they helped to break down barriers between team members. The facilitation was very good and manage to articulate the message very clearly while maintaining a very enjoyable atmosphere.

Ayay Kershman, participant


Technolite – Cooking Boot Camp @ Penang , Malaysia - 1 Day – 24 pax (2011)

Our teambuilding retreat in Penang was very well organised. The facilitators were wonderful for our event. Many thanks to all of you !

Michelle, participant

Essilor – The Mission @ Ubin Island, Singapore - 1 Day – 28 pax (2011)

This was such a wonderful experience. […] Another positive thing was the explanations and Q & A after each activity, keep it up.

Susanna, participant

Schering Plough – The Mission, Singapore - 1 Day – 95 pax (2010)

Very Good inclusion of how we manufacture success and learning. A good venue and some good fun.

Andrew, participant

The 3 missions was fun, interesting and very engaging. It also reflected on our daily working behavior. We learn to show, listen, cooperational encouragement, due to try, goal getting & final achievement.

Danny Chew, Staff 

United Overseas Bank Limited – Secret Ubin Hunt @ Celestial Resort , Singapore – 1 Day – 40 pax (2010)

This is an interesting teambuilding as we can do treasure hunt in Ubin Island. It is also a good experience out of the mainland. We have an excellent facilitator who is drive. The organisation of the event is very well done, each activity flows smoothly into the next.


Deutsche Telekom Asia Pte Ltd- Kota Tinggi Survivors @ Kota Rainforest, Malaysia- 2D1N – 25 pax (2010)


All the programs helped to remember the importance of team work and the role of leader and mentor.

Lee Englu, participant

Knowledge Universe Singapore Education – East Coast Park, Singapore - 1 day – 900 pax (2010)

Excellent Session with the most enjoyable activities. Great and memorable event. Thanks to everyone !!!



AWWA 2D1N Retreat – Pulai Spring Resort, Malaysia - 2 day – 220 pax (2010)

The overall experience was very different. I enjoyed the painting activities and this allowed me to see how different people worked to achieve collective goals. The activities were very meaningful and well coordinated and organized. You constantly reminded us of the purpose of the retreat, which is great! Love you sense of humour and spontaneity.

AWWA participant 

The program was done in fun and relaxed & informal manner. We didn’t feel like workload which we usually get in other retreats. Very enjoyed the Drum Session. Overall I liked and enjoyed the facilities very much. We have enough time for relax and enjoy other activities.

AWWA participant 


NYU Stern Business School - Asian Traders – Singapore  – 1 day- 220 pax

I wanted to write and thank you on behalf of myself and Dean Greenbaum for your tour of Pulau Ubin as well as your work toward creating a memorable event for our students during their stay. It is very appreciated and we look forward to working with you. Thank you again and we are very much looking forward to our visit next March with our staff and students.

Joseph F. Foudy
Director, International Studies Program for AsiaClinical - Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Stern School of BusinessNew York University