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Knowing yourself is the first and most important thing that every Salesperson must undergo in order to discover their inner self, their natural disposition and their innate potential. 


When a Salesperson knows who they are – their core value system and behavioral tendencies, and clearly understands what they want – their key motivational drives, then they have a much better chance of discovering how to reach their own success, happiness and personal fulfillment.


Knowing one’s true inner self can be of great help to anyone working to reach their goals more effectively. This not only fills us with much happiness, bliss and calmness but also improves our mindset, our focus, as well as our relationships and ability to connect with others; helping us sell better, faster and more profitable.


All successful organizations need everyone to be “selling” and be a core part of the selling process. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is part of customer support, operations, finance or otherwise. Everyone in any successful organizations need to learn to sell. Be it products, service, support or brand mind share.


Typically, salespeople learn to sell in only two ways:

1. Learning from mistakes while gaining needed experience along the way.

2. Copying and adapting techniques that have successfully worked for others.


Therein lies the challenge. If you are the type who is naturally aggressive and outgoing, you probably feel comfortable applying the first method. However, if you are otherwise, then you will most likely not feel comfortable learning via trial and error.


Copying from others, adapting their successful techniques and making it as part of their sales approach may also not necessarily work for just any salesperson. As a matter of fact, it may even jeopardize their prospective opportunities and what they are trying to achieve.


Despite these ironies, we hold firm to the principle that, everyone can learn to sell. The key lies in understanding one’s inherent identity and the natural strengths that will enable them to learn best. This consequently, empowers and enables you to master your sales approach, adapting to changing situations and winning customers by creating influential choices.


The basic principle of knowing yourself is that every Salesperson is responsible and in control of their mindset and actions, and able to generate their own ability to adapt to the situations they encounter. We will call this ability our Sales Intelligence. Developing the ideal Sales Identitymaximizing your natural talents and harnessing your positive value system are absolutely crucial to achieving your fullest potential as top-notched sales professional.


The journey taken in this workshop will bring you through key milestones of self-discovery and essential principles to enjoying more profitable sales, stronger customer relationship and greater motivational drive in your everyday endeavours.


Benefits and Outcomes

This course will help participants:

  • Achieve a positive change in belief system and learn the secrets of harnessing natural talents and greatest sales potential
  • To develop a Sales Identity that leads to a better quality buyer-seller relationship and, subsequently, more profitable sales
  • To learn the importance of client values and beliefs and how it produces “millions” for people who understand it
  • Read buyers by understanding their communication styles and dominant deciding values
  • Increase emotional attachment of customers and their loyalty to you
  • Bring out the best qualities of their sales habits, increase communication and cooperation in those around them
  • Influence others to accept more responsibility and drive for results to support their cause within a sales organization
  • Increase self-motivational drive and achieve greater results




Participants will take home with them a personalized copy of the Sales Star Inventory profile, a high impact workbook, case study notes, sales situational engagement templates and relevant supporting tools to enhance selling success.


This is a two-day workshop that is available for both in-house and public seminar training.

I have known and worked with Ray now for about several years, firstly in my capacity as International President of the Global Speakers Federation and as the National Director of the Referral Institute. Ray is an excellent speaker and sales trainer, he has an in depth knowledge of his subject matter and not only that he walks his talk every day. Ray is one innovative guy having authored books and created some amazing sales and profiling tools. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in taking their business to the next level, either as an in house trainer or speaker at your next company conference.ay Phoon is a great advocate of EQ Leadership insights. He was able to capture the audience attention with his energetic facilitation style. As lead facilitator, he delivers superb training putting the delegates at the heart of the learning experience. 
Lindsay Adams CSP National Director, Referral Institute, Australia.



Ray Phoon is a great advocate of EQ Leadership insights. He was able to capture the audience attention with his energetic facilitation style. As lead facilitator, he delivers superb training putting the delegates at the heart of the learning experience.

Carl Garner, Managing Director, CBL-Consultants, United Kingdom.



Using Raymond’s value recovery strategies in one of our negotiations, I was able to increase a deal with a difficult customer from 1 Million Euros to 2.9 Million Euros.

Regional Sales, Siemens Energy Asia Pacific.



Raymond, your session was nothing short of of inspiring and motivating! Our group of highly experienced sales outlet managers can be very tough audience to some, but you have managed to capture their interests and attention right up from the beginning. Your knowledge, energy and the undeniable truth of your messages to them are just impeccable. You’ll be a great asset to any organization who is in the look for similar program. Terrific job!

MN Sham Abu Hassan. Senior Mgr, Nissan Sales & Service Way, Quality Assurance.



I am happy to say that my team is bringing the experience that they learned at the Exceptional Presentation Skills Workshop, to their jobs each time when they prepare & deliver presentations. For me personally, I am applying the principles you shared, and glad that my presentations are getting more impactful, influential and keeps the audience wanting more.

Deputy Managing Director – SPA Ad, Thailand.



I found the Sales Intelligence training highly inspiring and took back useful principles to help me have a more structured approach in my thoughts and actions as well as to better understand the needs of my team and how I can fulfill those needs to motivate, encourage and grow them in their day to day jobs.

Commercial Director – Bausch & Lomb, Malaysia.



Our entire P1 (Packet One Networks) is still using the Sales methodology that he has designed and built for us. He’s gone the extra mile too to ensure that our spread out sales force throughout Malaysia benefited from this energy loaded and fun program P1 Super Sales Force training curriculum.

Senior L&D Manager – Packet One Networks



Raymond is a very skilled presenter. In the first few minutes he managed to get everybody’s full attention. He kept the the topic very interesting. I’ll certainly profit from his information sharing. He is certainly a benchmark in this. The slides on Fear to Courage, Frustration to Excitement was one of the key-slides for me. Very good and inspiring. Right on the point! Very helpful.

Bormann, Alexander, Director of Sales, BWF Environmental and Industrial Technology, North China.



This training is very different from previous training that I have attended. Now I can see from the customers’ perspective and approach them better to develop better relationships.

Team Leader, Inside Sales, INTEL, Indonesia.



This was a very useful course. Raymond was able to give relevant examples to explain his key account management principles. I am impressed with his knowledge of the industry.

Inside Sales Manager, CISCO Asia Pacific.

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