ISO9001:2015 – Enhancing Business Values, The Simple Way!

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0 Published: April 27,2016
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More than just ISO9001:2015 upgrading, our approach and model is based on our experiences and exposures with a diverse industries, hundreds of companies and thousands of participants. With our hands-on expertise in branding, thinking mastery, strategic planning and human capital advancement, we are able to simply your procedures, make them meaningful and practical and most importantly, increase business values. Our intents are simple – REDUCE redundant procedures and INCREASE business values!


Special features of our 3A package (terms and conditions apply):

  • FREE value-added package worth more than USD16,000!
  • FREE ISO9001:2015 standard
  • FREE Document update – 1st & 2nd level documents
  • FREE Consultant’s Pre-Qualifying Audit and Audit Report


The 3A Package:-

1.  ISO9001:2015 Awareness & Integration Mastery, AIM©(2 days)
2.  ISO9001:2015 Application & Practicalization System, APS© (2 days)
3.  ISO9001:2015 Auditor Competency Training, ACT© (3 days)


Note – All © indications are intellectual property rights belonging to Asian Alliance for Advancement

“Myocho has proven himself as a dedicated result-oriented and humble consultant, with great interpersonal skills that enable him to attract cooperation and responsive actions from our personnel.He has also successfully simplified the processes of MACOMRAD’s operations and provided effective training programs with regards to ISO9001 standard,” – Masahiro Tsubokawa, Director, Panasonic Compressor R&D Sdn Bhd


“Given good examples and samples for improvement.Strongly recommended for others,” – SF Thum, Loh & Loh Berhad


“Very impressive and creative training.Saved and simplified a lot on documentations.Helped me understand ISO better,” – Ooi Syn Yee, AsPac Lubricants (formerly Castrol)

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