Presentational Skills

0 Published: July 7,2016
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Short courses can enhance student language content, ability to infect non-verbal expression and tone. Recommended Course greatly needs outstanding employee involvement and excellent sales staff and other game companies welcome. Teaching process there will be video services to facilitate the students and the management review. 

Course Outline:

  • Learn recipients' interest and receiving tendencies along their preferences, withthe shortest time to arouse interest in others
  • Understand the personal habits of expression , from understanding the advantages and disadvantages which assist students to improve and develop their potential
  • Effective use of cognitive psychology techniques to help students master design presentations and reports, the information how outstanding "since, bearing, transfer, together" through appropriate informative, lively and interactive skills, so that the audience enjoy pleasing, forgetting music back experience
  • Teach expression methods verbal and nonverbal rich appeal . With video playback and then directly on the spot coaching, students can know personal progress, improve performance
  • In addition to spot state management , but also to meet the challenges and to teach coping skills question is , power of resistance 

    * Other topics or content may be due to your company / organization needs, tailor-made! For further information and inquiries, please call 2114-0303 and Corporate Training Planning Department colleagues Mirin Mok contact.




The with Presentation & Communication Skills Enhances Different style in A Very Short Time, Increase attractiveness of Contents  through Our Tailor-Made Training Presentation.

Recording Connections Video, Instant Review & Coaching  are included in at The Training.

Will BE Participants  coached Individually & Instantly, at The ON-SPOT-Guidance & Video Record Review  Will BE Provided by Our Trainer in the Order to Achieve During Presentation at The Best Result. 

Outline & Outcomes,

  • Presentation of Effective at Strategy: Different  Communication Models and Learning Theories
  • Distinguish the ways that audiences receive information in a very short time
  • At The use of the Make Techniques & Skills During Presentation of languages  ​​-  Tonal, Verbal & Non-Verbal 
  • To How  match up both Verbal & non-Verbal Communication  to  Increase at The attractiveness  of your Presentation?
  • Reflect excellence state of mind & performance of presentation
  • To Techniques  Enhance Technology influencing Skills  During Presentation
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