One-stop production management

0 Published: July 7,2016
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Learning Objectives:

  • Through special training, systematic understanding about the "one-stop management" of information;
  • Meritor Figure through field visits, site experience "one-stop management" essence;
  • By and management face to face, to expand a network of rich business resources.


time content location
morning Special training: "fast save good" one-stop production management Takeo Tin District Management Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, 
the United States and Chi Industrial Co., Ltd. FIG.
in the afternoon Visit US Figure relaxation, field experience of products from raw materials to finished one-stop packaging production model:
  • Office Products, laboratory;
  • Die workshop (including board room)
  • Production site (model, injection molding, grinding, painting, etc.)
  • Packaging workshop
  • Product Testing Center
  Thematic exchange  

Date: December 4, 2015, Friday, fee: RMB2,000 / per person (including lunch and transportation within the itinerary); the same company registration of three or more 10% discount. Registration: Wong, Email:gigihuang@szhkti.org , Tel: 755-86156931; 18565602372 Note: The course more than 10 people into a group, you need to reach into a number of groups before the opening. Training content IntroductionWith the "mass customization" of market demand ﹝ small number, style, fast delivery, high quality, value flat ﹞ quickly formed, companies have to find a suitable mode of production in order to maintain their competitive advantage. "Intelligent Manufacturing" is certainly one of the most perfect top program, but for SMEs, a more moderate and there is no viable solution. "Synchronous balanced production mode" is ablend of Lean Thinking (Lean the Thinking) , synchronous production (the Just-in-the Sequence Manufacturing's) , Theory of Constraints (Theory of Constraints, TOC)  and so developed a set of methods to enhance production efficiency , hope through increase the percentage of effective capacity to achieve at a reasonable cost, to achieve: 1)  rapid response to customer orders delivery needs; 2) effectively deal with less style and more number of orders. The training includes:


  •   What is a "balanced synchronous mode of production"?
  •   The concept of effective capacity can
  •   Introduction of implementation tools

          - - Prices and waste flow analysis (the Value the Stream and the Analysis Waste) 
          - - continuous stream (the Continuous Flow) 
          - - flexible production circle (Flexible Manufacturing's the Cell) 
          - - Intelligent Production Planning (Smart Production Planning)

  •   Case Sharing
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