Diploma in 3D Printing technology, Application, Trend and Business Model

0 Published: July 7,2016
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Diploma in 3D Printing Technology, Application, Trend and Business Model
Module 3 : Certificate in Training of Turning Ideas to Real by 3D Printing

Intended Learning Outcome

Understanding the operation of 3D Printer, analysing and repairing the problematic files


  • Slicing
  • Pre-Printing CAD Examination
  • Printing Process
  • Post-Printing Processes
  • Project Presentation

2 Aug 2016 - 4 Oct 2016

Tue & Wed : 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Course Fee
HK$9,350 (HK$800 discount will be given to the members of supporting organizations)
NTTS for this module has been approved by VTC.  The approved training grant is 50% of the actual course fee up to HK$4,675

Medium of Instruction

Award of Certificate
Participants who have attained at least 80% attendance and successfully completed assignment with assessment will be awarded a certificate issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

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