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A Series of Commercial and Contract Management Training Workshops for Construction Professionals

Following the success of its seminars and workshops on extensions of time, valuation of variations and prolongation claims which have been attended by several hundreds of construction professionals over the last ten years, BK SURCO has developed a series of Civil Engineering Claims Workshops involving Notification, Assessment and Valuation of Delay, Disruption and Additional Work caused by Late Possession of part of the Site, Additional Quantities of Work and Variations. These workshops give participants the opportunity of furthering their knowledge on several of the important principles relating to:

  • entitlement to extensions of time
  • valuation of variations;
  • re-rating due to increases and decreases in quantities; and
  • entitlement to additional payment in respect of prolongation and disruption.

Whilst the second workshop is designed as a follow up to Workshop 1 and the third workshop is designed as a follow up to Workshops 1 and 2 and therefore participants who attend all three workshops will obtain maximum benefit from this series of training workshops, participation in all three workshops is not essential. Workshops 2 and 3 will summarise the results of Workshop 1 or Workshops 1 and 2 so that participants can take account of the previous assessments and valuations in their subsequent valuations or assessments. It is however strongly recommended that all three workshops are attended so that participants can fully understand the differences between principles relating to entitlements to extensions of time, valuation and cost reimbursement.



To give participants the opportunity of:

• furthering their knowledge on several of the important principles relating to entitlement to extensions of time

• actively participating in questioning and discussing the application of such principles

• participating in practical “hands on” exercises to apply such principles to a complex situation of multiple changes and delays on a civil engineering project caused by both the Contractor and the Engineer and by neutral events



• Lectures:

− general principles of extensions of time

− contract procedure

− “float” in programmes

− notices of delay

− concurrent delays

• Workshop exercises:

− review contract programme

− review delays and “as built” programme

− drafting notice of delay and review

− review Engineer’s response

− drafting reply to Engineer and particulars of cause and extent of delay and review


Who should attend

• project managers

• commercial managers

• quantity surveyors

• engineers involved in contract administration

• employers/developers


Comprehensive seminar documentation comprising pre-workshop briefing papers, pre-lecture notes, GCC extracts and full copies of the presentation materials will be provided to all participants Remarks

Pre-workshop Briefing Papers will be despatched to successful applicants a few days before the workshop. In order to be properly prepared for participating in the discussions and exercises it will be necessary for all participants to study the Briefing Papers in advance of the Workshop.

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