What is Learning Rank?

Learning Rank is the platform for HR professionals to discover, compare and review the best corporate learning programs. Learning Rank connects HR professionals with the best corporate learning programs worldwide. Currently in 8 countries: US, UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Learning Rank seeks to be the world’s largest online marketplace for offline learning programs.


For Learners/ HR Professionals:


How to Search for a Program:

  1. Go to the Start Search Section
  2. Select either Corporate or Personal.
  3. Click search.


How to sign up?

  1. Click Here to sign up for free
  2. You can sign up either with Facebook or enter your information
  3. Get started on your training experience today!


What type of courses do we offer?

We offer a wide range of course from Leadership & Teambuilding to IT Skills, Professional Development and more!


For Trainers / Training Providers


Trainers - want to advertise more training programs?

All members receive their first training free. Upgrade now to one of the following packages:

  1. Silver Package - Includes 2 postings for $98 with $49/ per ad
  2. Gold Package - Includes 10 postings for $390 with $39/ per ad
  3. Platinum Package - Includes 25 postings for $725 with $29/ per ad
  4. Diamond Package - Includes 50 posting for $950 with $19/ per ad


How to Upload Training Program:

  1. Go to profile
  2. Click Upload Program
  3. Enter the Program Name
  4. Maximum number of participants
  5. Select the Venue
  6. Select Program type (Corporate or Personal)
  7. Select the Categories
  8. Country where the program is conducted
  9. Length of time of the program
  10. Enter the meta tags for the program
  11. Enter a full description of the training program (be as descriptive)
  12. Enter the available dates or training
  13. Select a descriptive picture
  14. Click Update