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0 Published: July 7,2016
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The unique prospect of our training methodology is that we always customize our training in accordance with nature of your business, objectives and goals. We understand dynamics of different sales channels, and also acknowledge that sales training required is different for different channels. Whether the sales channel for your business is dominantly based upon one of the channels that of telemarketing, direct sales, business to business sales,field sales and retail or is a combination of different channels, we ensure that training and development is designed in a manner that will focus on specific business needs.


Overview of Sales Training sydney

The overview of our sales training is based upon the systematic sales process, ensuring that your sales team is able to achieve set goals and objectives. The first process in a value-added sales process is rapport; our training has a module that focus on how to build rapport with in seconds by training your team on proven rapport building techniques.


The Next Step in Sales Training

The next stage in sales process is discovery that is essential for understanding the requirements of the customers; the training covers this component through preparation of your team with efficient and effective phrasing techniques to deduce relevant information with regard to product or service in timely manner. The next process is relating your product benefits with customer requirements, leading to a trail close. This is a stage where there is a good possibility of an objection been raised by the customer, and to our knowledge most of sales people take an objection as a no and miss out on a potential opportunity of generating business.


Our Philosophy in Objection Handling

Our philosophy is that objections are good because they only indicate that your potential customer is thinking in lines of buying your product, and naturally before committing to purchase wants to clarify the concerns. Our training develops  your team on proven objection handling techniques enabling them to handle and tackle every objection leading to a higher conversion rate, and coaching your team for closing the sale using powerful linguistic patterns derived from Milton and Meta models.


Modules of “Sales Training sydney”

  1. Rapport
  2. Discovery
  3. Product demonstration
  4. Trial close
  5. Objection Handling
  6. Closing sale


During sales training sydney we conduct success coaching with sales management

Managing partners conduct success coaching session with sales management. During the session, your team is developed on utilization of effective and efficient management practices that ensure business development. Sales training sydney covers comprehensively the best methods for settings KPIs and targets for the team, best practiced mechanism for measuring performance, motivation tools and techniques of mapping territories for reaching customers in systematic manner.


The unique prospect of success coaching during sales training is utilization of TIME Techniques. TIME Techniques is one of the most powerful and effective techniques for understanding dynamics of Time line and locking in goals in future time line, leading your state of mind and physiology to work towards achieving of the goals and targets.


Personal development and empowerment for change to excellence

We have designed a powerful module in our sales training that develops your team on the most influential techniques to master secrets of sub conscious leading to unlimited potential and empowerment for achieving the excellence for your business.


During this module our experts coach your team on,

Understanding significance of state of mind and train them to anchor states that ensure state of excellence any time.


Dominant technique of setting and achieving goals


Powerful resources for ensuring commitment to their goals and targets


This is a unique component of sales training Sydney that differentiates us and adhere our commitment to your success. During sales training your team is developed on powerful and effective selling techniques and resources to imply techniques and tools with mastery all the time creating unlimited abundance and success for your business.


Why our Sales Methodology Guarantees Success?

Imagine your sales team by the end of training can find out the buying strategy of your potential customers in less than a minute, knowing exactly how their brains works while they make a decision to purchase anything, your team will have the tools of leading your customers in light trance by use of some powerful linguistics, and would build that all important rapport for repeat business, that would guarantee a unlimited growth for your business, wouldn’t it.

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