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"The use of a wide range of resource persons greatly enhanced the learning process, coupled with the interactive style of the facilitator - the sharing of experiences by participants which was rich and diverse was important for the learning process."

Vishvanath Doerga     
President, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Guyana

"It was a great learning experience for me as an individual to learn about Singapore as a country because I learned a lot from the field visits various incubators. Got inspired by the young entrepreneurs and the innovativeness of these young entrepreneurs."
Onesmo Mbelle
Principal Economist, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Marketing, Tanzania

"The technical assistance provided by YEA International was both timely and quite relevant to my knowledge gaps and the new directions planned by my organisation.

Celeste Foster
President, Small Business Association

"The course is very useful. It will help us advise the organisations and country about YEA Entrepreneurship Training model. The CDCs can take advantage of their programme as it is definitely beneficial."

Dionne Palmer
Incubator Manager, Technology Innovation Centre, School of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology, Jamaica

"To me, being a banker, the programme is quite interesting and will be of immense help when back in field. Even though bankers do not directly involve in the incubation programme in India(except through RSETI programme), yet the contents of the course will help them greatly in not only evaluating such schemes for financing but also strengthening the SMEs of the country."​

Murali Nuggu
Chief Manager, Central Bank of India

"This is a very effective and eye opening programme that will enable me to contribute to the development of the young people in my country - Kenya."​

Hysen Waweru
Manager, Center for Entrepreneurship & Leadership, KCA University, Kenya

"This was one of the few programmes which I was totally captivated."​
S N B Wadinamuna Mudiyanselage Manthripala, Deputy Director, Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka

"Timely and relevant to the needs of private organisations in developing countries like Uganda. The assistance and support can make an incredible difference in the way we do things in developing countries by benchmarking from Singapore's youth entrepreneurship  success."​

Beatrice Alyanata       
Director of Business Development Services, Allied Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Uganda

"In my own point of view, I will say the technical assistance was good even though the duration was only 5 days. I also enjoyed the introduction of young entrepreneurs to the program who came to testify to Singapore's success on Business Incubation."

Priscilla Pezoambose
Assistant Research Director, Ministry of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy & Handicrafts (MINPMEESA), Cameroon

"The workshop is fantastic, well done Ken and team. I am from the private sector. Attending this workshop gives me the chance to see the missing links between the private sector and government in my country. Would be exciting to have all business women to be here to learn, as the saying goes, leaders are not born, they are made."

Dalcy Tekulu
Director, T-Maris Development Company, Solomon Islands​

"The training came at the right time and I really enjoyed participating in the programme. When I go back, I will bring the difference that we have to help business incubators."
Barbara Innocent-Charles, Business Development Officer, Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU), ST LUCIA​

"The technical and assistance were appropriate and given at the right time. Continue with the good work you are doing!

Senele Tualaulelei
Business Training Officer, Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC), Samoa


“I learnt to think out of the box, and I am given the opportunity to be creative and imaginative, which I do not have the chance to be in school.” - Geraldine Koh, Student

“I’ve learnt what is innovation and creativity: they are the values that everyone has but he/she needs to find out for the creation of a better tomorrow. When one finds it, he can do amazing things.” - Qing Yu See Tow, Student

"I learnt a lot about how the business world works. I would find the information learnt applicable in almost all aspects of life, especially projects and social meetings."​
- Ong Zhong Liang, Student

"I learnt that I have a powerful tool and that is creativity. I will learn to think of ways of putting creativity into businesses."
- Branavaa Buvareswarran, Student

"The difference between innovation and creativity. The methods of giving out ideas and getting the solutions." - Siti Norhashimah Asiman, student
"We all have good ideas. We must make use of the skills to bring our ideas to life."
- Kanapathy S/o Kumaran, Student

"I can interact with others more comfortably and I am more aware of the business opportunities around me." - Chen Daixi, Student

"It's very value-for-money! I learnt that entrepreneurship is not something to just dream about, but something that I can seriously consider later on." - Abul Lais s/o Abul Khair, Student

"It opens us to practical application and business insights. I understood more about the elements of business and the ideas and concept behind this. I will use this knowledge and the advantages of the Lime membership and prepare myself to start up a business in future." - Teh Ming Hwang, Student

"An excellent programme! Provides students with a comprehensive view of entrepreneurship and equips them with the necessary skills to start out in life." - Liew Ee Chan, Student

"We have learnt how to make a small business. We learnt how to be ambitious and about teamwork. We learnt the steps of how to start planning for our business and marketing. We find that we do not really need education to start a business and succeed in life and that we need to know how to communicate with others. Last but not least: we enjoyed the programme and would like to see the instructors again to us more about business!!! :)"
Melvin, Samuel, Daryl, Tao Cheng, Clifford, Jie Wei

"We learnt how to market and sell our products and services according to a customer's likes and dislikes. Then we learnt that advertising is important and we should work as a team and encourage each other" - Jason Chan, Student

"I got to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to improve on the packing on the item I am going to sell." - Melinda Low, Student

"I've learnt more about entrepreneurship. Able to manage financial areas in future. I will be more encouraged to come up with ideas as ideas are free!!" - Joanne Yoh Chui Teng, Student

"It was great that I have signed up for the workshop. I have learnt a lot and to me, the greatest take-away from this workshop is the entrepreneurial environment that was created for the participants. Knowing that I am now part of a community of entrepreneurs really made a lot of difference. Content wise, the workshop teaches many important and useful lessons in marketing, finance, obtaining funding, how to write a business plan and so on. I am very satisfied with the workshop as I am much more confident knowing what it takes to get a business started. I have made friends who also share the same aspirations." - Sam Yong Zhi

"Joining Start up Accelerator made me very clear on the processes and resources involved to start a business. The trainers did an awesome job in clearing our doubts and gave us a lot valuable input regarding the kind of business we want to setup. This is the place to know entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs which serves as a very good community to discuss ideas explicitly. It is money well invested for those who joined this course. I strongly recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to attend!" - Sufri Hadi

"We engaged YEA to help us organise the BlueSky Enterprise Day, a day of entrepreneurship learning activities. They were consistently professional in carrying out their duties and we were impressed with their network of partners, and their ability to put together a fun-filled event.  We received positive feedback from participants, who indicated they have enjoyed and learnt from the event."

Sim Choon Siong Director, Entrepreneurship Development, SPRING Singapore

"I have been with YEA since 2006 and I must say they provided us entrepreneurs a lot of support and opportunities. Through YEA, I am able to cultivate my entrepreneurial mindset and propel me to launch my online marketing agency in Singapore. We really appreciate their effort in providing us a ideal platform to launch our business. I urge all aspiring entrepreneurs to join the network of YEA to leverage on its platform and optimize your talents."

Ian Cheow Yu Yuan
Director, OOM Pte Ltd

“This program cannot be learnt through books, and it will save a lot of precious time for participants. Definitely an intensive crash-course that works!”
Mohammad Faiz Bin Selamat
Director, Fahamir Pte Ltd

​"I wanted to learn the various aspects of starting my own business and I have not regretted my decision to enroll into Startup! Accelerator. To me, YEA is like a library of knowledge except that the wisdom comes from experienced entrepreneurs in today's context. The program is a great stepping stone for anyone who has the drive and passion. Keep up the good work and god bless for all your help!"
Mohammad Razy Ibrahim
Director, Costume D'Amour

As a foreigner and new to Singapore, YEA has provided me with complete support and guidance to start a business here in Singapore

Apnavi Anand
Director, Pachrang Designs Pte Ltd

“The trainers provided a good range of ideation tools like Brainwriting and SCAMPER coupled with well cited examples. I found  the  curriculum very useful and my class enjoyed the  session.” - Mdm Gillian Hor, Teacher

“There were very good illustrations of pictures and videos  to  bring examples across and the trainers were very patient with the students. Also, there were a lot of practical (local and overseas) examples that students can relate to.” - Ms Lam Li Feng Dawn, Teacher

“It was both a meaningful and enjoyable session for me and my children. We were
able to learn new things together and I now have a better understanding on how to
cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in my children in daily life.” -Mdm Agnes
Tan (parent, attended YEA FAMB program with her two children, aged 13 & 15

“The session was very enlightening and inspiring for us parents. We realize the need to encourage children to observe more of their surroundings and to give them more
time and freedom to do what they want, in order not to inhibit their creativity. The trainer also taught us useful techniques to build the innovation and entrepreneurship
spirit in our child, which my husband and I are eager to try out.” -Mdm Neo, (parent who attended YEA FAMB program with her husband and son, aged 14)

“The session had many engaging activities and plenty of interaction. The mood was relaxed and pleasant. I learnt a lot from the trainer and the exchange of ideas among the parents. Looking forward to finding out more about other programmes from YEA.”
-Mdm Eunice Sim (parent wjo attended YEA FAMB program with daughter aged 12) 

"Before I joined Startup! Accelerator I had been brainstorming and developing ideas for the past two years. I was getting really annoyed by myself because I was not able to step out of my comfort zone and take actions. I knew the problem is that where and how should I start? I’m really grateful to YEA and its Startup! Accelerator program; it has been very helpful and supportive in many ways. It definitely helps me shorten my learning curve, because now I have a clear picture of business startup process. I highly recommend this program to all would be entrepreneurs." - Fay Liu Fang