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MAXAM Explosives Australia Pty Ltd

Natural Remedies Group Brisbane

HS3 Media

Rendezvous Grand Hotel Melbourne


Brown Brothers

RD Williams Earthmoving Equipment - Brisbane


“The training was sharp and to the point, and achieved a high level of engagement with all participants. It's difficult to combine the individual needs of each person whilst also achieving the overall training objective for the group, but he managed to pull it off"    
Fred Carlsson - RD Williams Earthmoving Equipment - Brisbane


“Amazing knowledge and so eager to share. Many thanks!!"  
Melissa Finnigan - Brown Brothers


“I really enjoyed your sales course. If it went for a few days that would be great however the 1 day course was very informative and concise"  
Marcus - Technipro-PulmoMed


“Great course, very informative, many thanks"  
Lisa I - Rendezvous Grand Hotel Melbourne


“Sales Training Australia gave a half day sales training to our customer service team last week. The team is being transitioned to a more sales focused work load and as a whole have limited experience in direct sales. During the training he drew out individual weaknesses deftly and delivered a training that was engaging and relevant. Our team has reflected very positively on the training and I look forward to future training sessions. 
Emilia - Natural Remedies Group Brisbane


“The course was very insightful and helped me see a different perspective on the sales process"  
James Newcomb - HS3 Media

“The training program was fun, interactive and got participants out of their comfort zone. All attendees gained new selling skills and polished some existing ones. Everyone left feeling more confident in their ability to sell. Very worthwhile training, thanks!"  
Chanel Papworth - MAXAM Explosives Australia Pty Ltd


“Just wanted to give you a big thank you for the sales training you provided to our sales team. The combination of role playing scenario's with the theory also made it a little fun without going over the top which kept it professional. The team totally enjoyed it and did get a lot out of it. My team have now lifted into another gear and have a new positive mind set towards sales goals and definitely have become more confident in their day to day business.
Nick Caccamo - National Sales Manager, Tesrol


“Great day and great knowledge about different types of businesses"  
Paul - Reozone

“The presentation was confronting to some as he endeavours to shock them out of their bad habits and try a new slant, without trying to reinvent the wheel, worthwhile investment.”  
Grant Smith - J.R. Richards & Sons


"I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and hard work over the last two days to thoroughly cover sales training skills with the Tega Australia team. I feel I can speak on behalf of the whole team and say we were all totally enthralled with the content, the dynamic and inclusive delivery that kept us all involved while learning many new skills. Thank you very much"  
Marty Noakes - Tega Industries Brisbane

“I had the pleasure of meeting Greg from Sales Training Australia this week when he came to our head office for sales training. The full days training which was delivered in a highly professional way and also a lot of fun (not boring for a minute)! Greg has an exceptional ability to understand people and their needs which meant that the training was tailored very much to our needs in the Industry that we work in. Everyone was so impressed we are looking to do some follow up courses with Greg. I would highly recommend his training courses.”  
Tanya Bellenger - The Herbal Extract Company of Australia